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Camp Muir Sunday 2/7
2-7-16 7:30 am - 10th Ave E & E Howe St
The Cascade Cross Country Skiing Meetup Group

Ski (AT, Tele, Split) up and down the Muir snowfield. It looks like it will be sunny. Bring sunscreen and snacks. I'm driving from Shoreline and can take two, maybe three riders and gear.

Stair Climbing Workout
2-7-16 7:30 am - 10th Ave E & E Howe St
Seattle Green Lake Running Group

This awesome event only comes around once a month and is for all fitness levels.  You can decide whether you want to walk, jog, sprint, crawl, frog jump.... or a combination of all of these. A beautiful area to get in a fun as well as...

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