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Warm up our holidays with Holly Jolly Chocolati Chat
12-18-14 12:00 pm - Pier 70
Let's Go CSL!

Warm up together this December in this cozy chocolate mecca for Holly Jolly Chocolati Chat.11:30a - 1p. Drop by for whatever time you can make it.Looking forward to seeing you there. Moni

Weekday T/Th Lunch Run - Myrtle Edwards Park
12-18-14 12:00 pm - Pier 70
Belltown / Uptown / Waterfront Runners

Let's run during lunchtime! Do you need a motivation to get out? We do! And we have a perfect park for it. And this run makes our work day go by better (not necessarily faster unfortunately). We'll meet at noon at the fountain sculpture at Pier...

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